David Cook

All I Really Need Is You(Ukulele chords)

David Cook

Key: C

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 After all these years 
Am                         F      G 
 After all these tears between us 
 Still I couldn't find 
Am                         F   G 
 Someone half as right as you 
         F               G 
And each time I stop to think 
        F             G 
What it is I really need 
Here's what I conclude 
F            G        C-Csus 
All I really need is you 

     C                     Am 
Just say what you want to say 
                    F                G 
You don't have a chance in the world 
    C                   Am 
Can I knowing how I've tried 
Still come close to losing you 
When you are my world 
     F                G 
Have I spent so many nights 
              Em       F     G 
Trying but in vain to tell you 
Don't you know it's true 
F            G          C 
All I really need is you
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