The Second Dragon Dance(Ukulele chords)


Key: Em

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Capo on 4th fret

Intro: Em F#/D C B7 

verse 1 

Em              F#/D      
Pele was alone, all she'd ever known 
C                                D         (Em F#/D C B7) 
burned away the day she sneezed- Kumea had flown 

verse 2 

Em                 F#/D 
so Kele Kona came, she was not the same 
C                              D           (Em F#/D C B7) 
all the fire burned inside her never made a flame 

Em F#/D Kele Kona hula, hula Kona Kele Em F#/D Kele Kona Hula am I dreaming this way?
verse 3 Em F#/D Mo'o'ahi Lele, find a way to save me C D (Em F#/D C B7) troubleed times, this curse of mine gotton heavy lately verse 4 Em F#/D More from mean Kumea, had the heart to say yeah C D (Em F#/D C B7) just like father, never bother, spends his time away yeah

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