See Me - Bare A Pop Opera(Ukulele chords)


Key: C

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Intro: C 

 G           D           G 
Mother I need to talk to you 
        Am                 G/B     C 
There's something that you need to know 
G              D       G 
I'm just gonna spit it out 
    Am                  G/B    C 
You probably guessed it years ago 
Dm               C         Bb  
Still it's kinda hard to say    Am 
     Gm                  F                 Eb    C 
It's something that I've spent so long not saying 
   Dm                C            Bb 
Sometimes it's on the tip on my tongue 
    Am   Gm       F      Eb  Bb        C 
But only spoken aloud, alone while I'm praying 
G               D     G 
All I ask is an open-mind 
Am                 G/B       C 
It's such a lonely bridge to cross 
     G                    D     G 
I've searched for answers on my own 
    Am               G/B      C 
And find that I'm completely lost 

Dm C Bb Am Gm F  
Eb C Dm C Bb Am G 

Bb                 Eb 
Berkley took their wait list 
Bb                 Eb 
When they called I almost died 
Gb                     Db 
Would you really go to Berkley? 
Cb                 Db     Eb 
I didn't know that you'd applied 

Bb F 

Bb              Eb 
Where did Notre Dame go? 
Bb                Eb 
I didn't know that you withdrew 
Gb             Db 
People will be disappointed 
Cb                           Db 
Have you really thought this through? 

Ebm         Db 
Mom this is important 
Cb              Bbm 
Mom you need to listen 
Abm                  Gb 
Please don't shut me out here 
Mom you need to see me 

Ab                   Eb   Ab 
Peter, please I'm so busy here 
Bbm             Ab    Db 
Let me call you later dear 

Ab             Eb       Ab 
God this is so hard to say 
    Bbm              Ab     Db 
I'm so afraid you'll turn away, Mom, I'm... 

Bb               F      Bb 
Peter, please, I need a break 
    Cm        Bb       Eb 
Whatever it is will have to wait 
Bb                  F 
I'm going to hang up now 
  Bb             Eb 
I really need to hang up now 

Ebm                Db        Cb     
Don't hang up this took such courage 
Gb  Abm             Gb       Fb 
I'm dying here, I'm all alone 
  Ebm           Db                Cb 
I know you know you know what I'm saying 
     Bbm    Abm 
Just let me tell you 
Mom, I'm... 

C#m              B                    E 
Peter, please, I can't solve all your problems 

       F#m             C#m 
Mother you know nothing of them 
        D#m                         E 
And I'm not expecting you to find solutions 
A             E          B 
Just to be my Mom and my friend 

C#m Dm  C#m Dm 
See me 
C#m       Dm         C#m      Dm   C#m  Dm C#m Dm    Dm 
I've been waiting to tell you this since I was twelve 


G         D         Em   D/F# 
You don't want to hear it 
G         D         Em 
You don't want to see me 
      A       D 
Can't bear to see me 

A              E        A 
Peter you tend to dramatize 

Bm               A        D 
There's a reason for that mother 
Open your eyes 

A                E       A 
Peter, please, I have to go now 
  Bm             A        D 
I really need to go right now 

Am                     G        F      Em 
When mom, when are you going to call? 
Dm               C       Bb 
We can work this out together 
Am             G     F    C 
This is always on my mind 
Dm     C          Bb   Am 
Please don't hang up 
Gm     F   Eb 
Please see me
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