Ann Hampton Callaway

Bluesette(Ukulele chords)

Ann Hampton Callaway

Key: F
Intro: G Gbm7 B7/9- Em7 A7/9-  Dm7 G7  

G                              Gbm5-/7        B7/9-  
Poor little, sad little blue       bluesette  
Em7         A7/9-  Dm7      G7  
Don you cry,    dont you fret  
C7M       C6                  Cm7           F9  
You  can bet one lucky day   you'll waken  
Bb7M                        Bbm7       Eb9      
and    your blues will be     foresaken  
  Ab7M           Ab            Am5-/7           
Some    lucky day lovely love        
         D7/9-          Bbm7 Bb7 Am7 D7  
Will come   your way  
G     Gbm5-/7 B7        Em7  
Gay true        coming your  
                 G                Gbm5-/7    B7/9-  
If there is love in your heart     to share  
Em7         A7/9- Dm7      G7  
Dear  Bluesette   don't despair  
C7M          C6                   Cm7      F9  
Some blue boy is waiting just like you  
      Bb7M               Bbm7      Eb9  
To find a someone to        be true to,  
Ab7M         Ab                  Am5-/7  D7/9-    Bm7 Bb7 Am7 D7  
Two loving arms you can nestle     in       to stay  
G                           Gbm5-/7             B7         Em7  
Get set, Bluesette, true        love is coming, your troubled 

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