Amber Lawrence

Wrecking Ball(Ukulele chords)

Amber Lawrence

Key: F#

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Intro Bm

verse 1 

Hey there I think I like you 
G                            Bm 
Though you're not typically my kind 
But there's something going on here 
That makes me want to change my mind 
A                  G 
I might seem all sweet and nice 
A                          G         G 
So this might take you by surprise 

Bm I want your love to be a wrecking ball G Love me like no one has done before Em Bm Swing the lead, baby wake up the dead A A Let the hammer fall Bm I want your love to be a wrecking ball G Go on and clear the way for something more G F#7 Three, two, one. Baby here it comes Break down the wall
Bm verse 2 G Bm My mum won't care for it But I like your Sailor tattoo G Like Jimmy Dean, you're a wild one Bm To the wind throws caution I approve A G I've been waiting all my life A G For someone to take me by surprise Chorus Bridge: G Em Bm Make me scream make me cry Make me feel I might die Em F#7 Make me yearn make me burn Make me feel I'm alive Instrumental Bm G Em F#7 Chorus
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