Al Martino

Somewhere My Love (lara's Theme)(Ukulele chords)

Al Martino

Key: G

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	        G     D9             Cdim     G                   Gdim      D7 
Somewhere, My  Love, there will be songs to sing 
Am7	        D7    Am7         D7           G 
Although the snow covers the hope of spring 
G     D9           Cdim G                Gdim      D7 
Somewhere a  hill blossoms in green and gold 
  Am7               D7        Am7              D7          G 
And there are dreams   all that your heart can hold 
C   C/B Am7 Am7/G        C    Am7  G 
Someday     we'll meet again, My Love 
Bb                          F           Bb9             D7 
Someday, whenever the spring breaks through 
  G     D9           Cdim  G        Gdim   D 
You'll come  to  me out of the long   ago 
 Am7         D7           Am7          D7     G 
Warm as the wind, soft as the kiss of snow 
G   D9        Cdim      G                Gdim     D7 
Til then, My Sweet, think of me now and then 
Am7                    D    Am7            D7      G 
God speed, My Love, til you are mine again

Written by Paul F. Webster and Maurice Jarre

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