The Badloves

Living Thing(Tabs)

The Badloves

Key: G
Tabbed by Drew Sutherland 
Capo on the 3rd fret 
Intro -e ----3------------------------- 
       b ----0-------------------0--				           
       a ----2-------------------------			  	 
       e ----3-------------------------						 
repeat the above 3 times and on the fourth throw in a  
Gsus4 near the end	  
Verse 1: 
	In the cool evening breeze,  sweet perfume of burning leaves 
       				       Em	A                 C       	An easy feeling has come  
to be,  I let it wash all over me, 
Chorus : 
			  G  		    C	           Em         
       Feels like there's something going on,  its just a living thing 
  			  G		    C			Em 
	The moment you let it under your skin,  you've got that living          
  			    G ( repeat  intro )  
	Oh won't you let it in    		 
Verse 2: 
	Love comes on like a dream 
	Rocket fuel for soft machines 
	We have no secrets, no disguise 
	And there before our very eyes 
repeat chorus 
	It took a little time to grow 
	But honey it was worth the wait  
 		      A		   C 
	And now I know,    that   iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 
repeat chorus a couple of times and that's about it! 
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