The Badloves

Barefoot Bride(Tabs)

The Badloves

Key: G
Barefoot Bride by the Badloves (accoustic) 
Transcribed by Bret Cook  
   G  Gsus4  D  Dsus4  A7  Amin  Amin7  C  Emin  Emin7  F 
G   G   Gsus4  G  repeat for a while 
D   D   Dsus4  G 
Amin  C   G   G  Gsus4  G 
In the verse the chord progression is G, D, Amin, C, G but if you listen 
to the song you'll hear the sus4 is hammered on and off with the G and D 
Interludy bit 
Amin, Emin, C, D, D  x4 ( just listen its a bit syncopated ) then C 
Emin7, A7, F, Amin7, Emin7, A7, D Dsus4 D 
These are all the parts and if you haven't heard the song it won't make 
any sense but if you know the feel and the structure you'll be able to 
fit in these chords. 

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