The All American Rejects

swing swing (intro)(Tabs)

The All American Rejects

Key: G

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	        I was watching the song clip..and it showed his  
hands long enoughf to where i could get them down,  
and they are way beter than that other tabs..and theis  
are corect cuz i watched him do the chords..soo here you 
go.. have fun 

             (intro comes on the organ) 
you are practicaly holding a G chord and keeping the  
pinkey and the ring finger the same.and you only move 
your pointerfinger and middle finger. 


then you do the punk strum...just the same..well if 
you just play it like the song then your good 

and when it starts the the bottem 3 strings 
you know when it goes....(days swiftly come and go im  
dreaming of her) play that steadily until you get to the part 
(did you think that i would cry..on the phone) palm it.. 
muffle the sund and play the intro with a punk strum..and  
it will sound like the still trying to get the  
solo..cuz no one has got it yet 


Written by The All-American Rejects

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