Sawyer Brown

Sweet Mary Cried(Tabs)

Sawyer Brown

Key: E
Intro/Rhythm (Key of E) 
keep repeating during intro & verses 
Verse 1 E A E A Mary, the Son of God is sleeping in your bed E A E E It's a holy mighty crown that awaits His head B A E But that's not who sweet Mary sees at all B A E She sees a precious baby lying in a manger stall A Oh but He deserves more than this E B This child whose know God's kiss
E A And Mary, sweet Mary cries B E A B E And prays inside her heart for God to dry her eyes E A B A And Mary, she understands that we're all in God's hands B A B E Every mother, every child and sweet Mary cries
Verse 2, same chords When the boy became a man they took Him away He who was without sin was made to pay When Mary looks upon the cross She sees that precious baby lying in a manger stall Oh but when she sees His face Her heart can't help but break Chorus Bridge With all this celebrating we get lost along the way When we forget the reason why we have a Christmas Day Chorus

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