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K's Choice

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It isn't exactly right, but it's close enough  

Basic pattern: 

E ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
B -----3----------3---------3---------3----------3---------3---------3----- 
G ---2---2------2---2-----2---2-----2---2------2---2-----2---2-----2---2--- 
D -0-------------------------------------------------------------0--------- 
A -----------0---------2--------------------------------------------------- 
E -------------------------------2----------3---------3-------------------- 

Not so long ago 
We both felt love became a word 
No more than that 
With sex that felt like wings without a bird 

The only thing that we both love 
Is in the cradle that we rock 
Six hands, six feet, but just one beat 
The ticking of the clock 

I always heard I could get hurt 
I knew that from the start 
Break my face, my back, my arms, my neck 
But please donšt break my heart 

Solid wood will rot 
If you donšt keep it from the rain 
We were suprised when we found out 
That love feels just like pain 

2 x Chorus 
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