Ed Sheeran

Give Me Love (acoustic)(Tabs)

Ed Sheeran

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	        first tab batter me in comments if necessary :) 
Capo on 2  
standard tuning  

This is how I think he plays it live. Its a great song, basically a really  
personalized homage to 'skinny love' by bon Iver  
 (Another great song that's worth learning, I recommended the tab that does it in open tuning :).) 

All the chords are a lil funny but i'm pretty sure there what he plays live 

---------4-----1-----4---3-------|         intro + for verse repeat do not  
---------4-----2-----4---4-------|         include opening 4 notes. 



you know..  tonight ill..  blood turns..    I just want...  you 

give a little time to me, well burn this out    
We'll play hide and seek, to turn this around... 

  my my  my my  my give me love... 

easiest way to get the hang of the rhythm is to watch his live lounge video.  
Anyway hope this tabs useful :) 

also on this chord -2- Ed uses his middle finger to mute the top string,  
                   -2-  the technique looks kinda weird, but muting the top 
                   -4-  string is necessary to get the best sound. You 
                   -4-  could probably use your thumb if u find that easier.  

Written by Chris Leonard / Ed Sheeran / Jake Gosling

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