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Big & Rich: Rollin-guitar Intro
Sounds like it is played on a bass, or a guitar with a high bass setting, or maybe even octaved-played on a guitar and a bass with the guitar like this and the bass an octave lower, but here are the notes relative to the octave that you have on either your bass or guitar. e------------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------1h2h3---- G------------0-------------------------0---------------- D--0-0-3-0-0---0-3-0-----0---0-0-3-0-0---0-3-0---------- A--------------------0h3-------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------- e------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------- G------------0-------------------------0---------------- D--0-0-3-0-0---0-3-0-----0---0-0-3-0-0---0-3-0-----0---- A--------------------0h3-----------------------3h4h5---- E------------------------------------------------------- this 'song' is poo, but heres the guitar part that was requested. what a waste of good instrumentalists on a group who dont even know what kinda music they wanna sing, but definitely aint country.
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