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Holy Water (corrected)(Tabs)

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Key: C5
Big & Rich: Holy Water (corrected)
-x- -x- -0- -2- -3- -x- - 7-8 down strokes, palm muted, on those 2-3 strings (depending on preference.) Then -x -x -x -0 -3 -x - one down stroke, this seperates the first chord with the third. This is palm muted, but not nessecary between all changes, listen to the song for the usage. Use this between the third and first chords too. then -x -x -0 -3 -3 -x - 7-8 down strokes, PM., on those 2-3 strings (pref.) This is the intro and verses, the other chord sheet by WildCard76 is all correct, but the intro/verse chords. B&R use this chord progression, not the C5 F5 progression. This is dead on. Just repeat this progression like the c5/f5 progression, you can vary it up a bit too.
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