Arctic Monkeys

Leave before the lights come on (intro)(Tabs)

Arctic Monkeys

Key: E

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	        Notes: I tabbed this by ear but its essentially right, the main differences you might 
are how many times notes are played and if they are played cause while actually writing it 
i listened to a live mp3 rather than the single but listening to the single again now  
about right, might vary the amount of 9's at the very start. 
NOTICE: though ive not seen this specific song played live, turner plays his 
etc as barre chords arpeggiating them, this works here too so i assume he plays it with  
barre chord: 
E A D G B e 
7 7 9 9 8 7 
but modified to: 
E A D G B    e 
7 7 9 7 8-10 7 
this means that on the B string you have a finger on both 8th and 10th so you only have 
lift your finger rather than moving, you also only have to lift the other finger too, 
minimal movement while playing for more speed/ease. 
Tuning: Standard 
| ( ) optional 


Written by Arctic Monkeys/Alex Turner

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