Zooey Deschanel

You Forgot It Was Valentines Day(Keyboard chords)

Zooey Deschanel

Key: A

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A Eb Dm E7 x2 

verse 1 

A              Dm 
It's February, the day?s fourteen 
              A           A7 
But from the look on your face 
          D              Dm 
You don't know what that means 
A          F#7     D            Dm 
Don't even try it, don't try to deny it 
        B         E7          A    Eb Dm E7  
You forgot it was Valentine?s Day 

verse 2 

A                         Dm  
You tried to scramble and whip something up 
         A             A7  
But your balloons say ?Happy Birthday?  
     D          Dm  
Your card says ?Mazel Tov? 
A          F#7        D            Dm  
There?s no mistaking, don't bother faking 
        B         E7          A    G# 
You forgot it was Valentine?s Day 
  C#m          C#m(#5)     C#m6           C#m(#5)  
I bought you a sweater and baked you some cupcakes 
    C#m         C#m(#5) C#m6  
And put on some nice lingerie 
    E                         C#m 
You gave me your iPod and the cash in your pockets 
D           E7 
And a USA Today 
(And it wasn?t even from today it was from an old hotel) 

verse 3 

A                              Dm  
You said you made plans but it didn?t seem right 
        A             A7        D        Dm 
When we went to Olive Garden at 11:15 at night 
A         F#7           D          Dm  
Your reservation should be in quotations 
        B        E7          A  
You forgot about Valentine?s Day 


I know I'm angry 
But later I?ll be fine 
You're just a moron 
A                   B 
But at least you're mine 
A           F#7            D           Dm  
And you can bet I?ll never let you forget 
            B         E7          A  
When you forgot about Valentine?s Day

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