Yonder Mountain String Band

Pride Of Alabama(Keyboard chords)

Yonder Mountain String Band

Key: B

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	        by Yonder Mountain String Band 

Verse 1: 
Dixie was the pride of Alabama 
 G                                 C        
I met her on a lonesome midnight train 
  D                         G 
Rollin' slowly out of Union Station 
 G                                     D 
She was staring out the window at the rain 
Verse 2: 
Well Dixie was from sunny Alabama 
 G                                      C       
Those old steel rails would roll to Birmingham 
 D                     G 
Mobile, her final destination 
 G	                            D 
I looked down at the ticket in her hand 
C D G Southbound train it ain't you I know that done her wrong C D G Say again that you seen it coming all along G C All that she knew those sweet memories it's true G D G Dixie darling caught her southbound train
Verse 3: G Dixie asked if I'd been to Alabama G C Her voice was thick like some old southern night D G And maybe for the sake of conversation G D I said back in '88 or '89 Verse 4: G She said her daddy's fields were full of cotton G C By the river that she swam in as a child D G Lord she loved those sweet magnolia blossoms G D And that good ol' Honeysuckle growing wild { Chorus } Verse 5: G Dixie told me how she got to Denver G C A southern gal who coudn't stand the cold D G She fell in love and left Mobile forsaken G D Mistaken for a dusty pot of gold Verse 6: G Dixie let the pieces fall together G C And painted up this picture in my mind D G Mobile, Alabama was a-callin' her back G D And the Pride of Alabama was on time { Chorus }

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