Wilson, Kevin Bloody

It Was Over (Before It Began)(Keyboard chords)

Wilson, Kevin Bloody

Key: A#

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G Em C D}	x 2 
I {G}remember back on our {Em}very first date, in the {C}back seat of me {D}car 
I {G}wanted you to {Em}go all the way, but {C}you wouldn't go that {D}far 
I {C}wanted you to {D}hold me dick, you {C}wanted to hold me {D}hand 
And when {C}I accidently {D}brushed your tit, I just {C}blew it and come in me {D}pants 
And it was {G}over, Em C {D}before it {G}began Em C D 
I'll {G}never forget the {Em}strain and the sweat, as I {C}fumbled with your {D}gear 
A {G}hundred degrees with the {Em}windows wound up, so {C}your mum & dad couldn't {D}hear 
{C}Tryin' me best to {D}unzip your dress, and {C}unhook your bra with one {D}hand 
And {C}just when I thought I was {D}doing alright, I {C}come in me pants {D}again 
And it was {G}over, Em C {D}before it {G}began Em C D 
{G}Blouses and buttons and {Em}bras and buckles, and {C}'Stop it, I'm getting {D}cold' 
{G}First time I had a {Em}tit in me mouth, since {C}I was nine months {D}old 
I {C}had lover's balls and you {D}had no idea, of the {C}pitch of me passion and {D}pain 
{C}Tryin' to stay cool with me {D}knackers on fire, I {C}come in me pants {D}again, shit, and {E}again 
{A}You wouldn't give and F#m}I wouldn't go, and {D}we couldn't seem to {E}agree 
{A}You got the giggles and F#m}I got the shits, then {D}you wouldn't talk to {E}me 
And {D}when we made up and we {E}started again, your dad {D}banged on the roof and he {E}yelled 
{D}'What you two kids {E}up to in there', and I {D}shit in me pants as {E}well 
And it was {A}over, F#m}shit D {E}before it {A}began F#m D E 
Ya {A}hear people say that they'd F#m}love to go back, and do {D}things that they did in the {E}past 
But if {A}you reckon they were the F#m}real good old days, you can {D}go stick 'em right up your {E}arse 
'Cause {D}when look back at how I {E}came and I went, with a {D}tear in me eye, I {E}recall 
How {D}me, I had a {E}cunt of a night, but me {D}undies had a {E}ball 
And it was {A}over, F#m D {E}before it {A}begun F#m D E 
Shit I hope I never have to go through that again 
Ooh, me knackers 
Submitted by: Russell Edwards ([email protected])

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