Weddings Parties Anything

Keep Talking To Me(Keyboard chords)

Weddings Parties Anything

Key: D

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	        Intro:  D	D	A	A  
Tell me a storey and make no omissions  
Em	      G  
Cause I'm all ears  
Chapter and vers of the whole damn edition  
Em	      G  
Is why I'm here  
Keep banging on till you finish and then  
F#		     G	     A  
Turn around baby and tell me again  
Repeat above for 2nd verse  

A Em G A As the night rolls on A Em G A As the world turns round A Em G A As the day begins A C D Keep talking to me


F G C In the eye of the storm of a great hurricane F G C At a club at a party, I wouldn't complain F G C If your words were'nt well chosen if they were just noise Em A Its more than your words its the sound of your voice

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