Weddings Parties Anything

Fortitude Valley(Keyboard chords)

Weddings Parties Anything

Key: C

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	        G F C 
C                    G             C              G 
I came down from the lonely north upon the lonely road 
  C                  G                 Em               D 
I came round down to Brisbane Town the lonely seeds are sown 
      C             G           C               G 
Had a heavy weight upon my mind all the miles between 
    C                      G                    Em                  D 
The guilty thoughts of the northern nights such lonely thought I've seen 

So I say Bm C G D Woe Lord, give me fortitude C G D Take me down the Valley, where the lonely people dance And I say Bm C G G Don't you, like my attitude C There is nothing you can do or say D C When you have fallen on hard days Em C D And you have got the arse out of your pants Who cares about romance?
I have pockets bulging full of hard earned cash to spend Standing underneath the sign says Jesus is my friend You know that I have thoughts of family, I have children 1 2 3 You know what they would think of me, standing here so desperately I never spared a thought for her, it was only for myself Not one single thought for money, and nothing for my wealth You know she didn't even ask my name, she did not venture hers And I never took my mind off that which would not be deterred Tabbed: Damien Murtagh

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