Wade Bowen & West 84

Beer Joints To The Opry(Keyboard chords)

Wade Bowen & West 84

Key: D

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  D              G               A                           D 
I donít know how many times Iíve sat here and played this guitar 
    D                G                 A           D  
And dreamt about the future of someday being a big star 
      D                        G                  A                  D 
And I watch the people as they listen, they drink up and have a good time 
         G         G/F#        Em       A  
The only care they have in the world is what songís next in line 
Fear is an obstacle one we all have to face 
You can either take it head on or you can stand in second place 
Dreams are a lifelong ambition when you give in they do too 
Just like momma always told me, itís up to you whether they come true 
D G A D From the beer joints to the Opry, they all play the same old songs D G A D The only difference is the money, everybody still sings along D G A D I donít know if I'm gonna make it but Lord knows Iíve gotta try G G/F# Em A G A D So if anybody ever needs me from the beer joints to the Opry is where Iíll be
Some folks come to listen to me, some folks come to drink Some folks come to socialize and some folks they come to think I donít care why youíre here, I'm just glad that you showed up And remember that we all live you and thanks for always pickiní us up Chorus This life I lead is very hard to do Thank God I love it so much And for having good friends like you Chorus Tabbed By Larry Mofle [email protected] 12/3/2004

Written by Wade Bowen

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