The Spreading Soul(Keyboard chords)


Key: Em

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Intro: (Em, C)x4, (G, C)x4 
We are safe on this old storm 
Close to the land but you know 
Am                    C 
Nothing is so calm to everyone 
I look at myself for something new 
Tell me a little tale about you 
Am                      C                    Em, C, Em    
Life is just a rhyme of hopes and crimes 
Better years are coming 
G Not in my hand just in my heart C D Lay the will I have inside Em C Am For all I want, what I fell G Sister moon Brother sun C D Em Yesterday I was alone C Am All I want, what I fell C Is to be free
(Intro) Em Warmed by the sun when it shines C Floating in the air in a red sky Am C I can realize life is moving on Em I took from my blood all my hate C Guided by the light of fate Am C Em, C, Em Wind blew out my soul to everyone C Better days are coming (Refrão) D I'm afraid that when you go Am C The old storm'll turn around my boat Em C I don't know how to be free D If a shadow in my life Am C Take me out from my red sky G Em C, Am, C I don't know how to be free (Refrão) Final: Em, C, Em, G, Em, C, Am, C, Em (Em, C)x4

Written by Pit Passarel

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