Vicky Beeching

There's No One Like Our God(Keyboard chords)

Vicky Beeching

Key: A

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	        ORDER: C V1 C V2 C C C 
INTRO:  A2  E2  B2 
A2 E2 B2 There's no one like our God, no one at all A2 E2 B2 He gave His Son for us, Jesus the Lord A2 E2 B2 D2 Who can love us like He does, no one at all A2 A2 E2 B2 A2 E2 B2 Oh how we love You Lord
VERSE 1: E D2 You are high above all nations A B Your glory shines above the heavens E D2 Humbled Yourself to love and save us A F#m C Be praised through endless generations VERSE 2: E D2 You lift the needy from the ashes A B And sit them high up with the princes E D2 You give the barren woman healing A F#m D2 She'll dance with joy like the mother of children CHORDS: E = 022100 E = 0 14 14 13 0 0 E2 = 079900 A = 002220 A2 = 002200 A2 = 066500 B = 024400 B2 = 099800 D2 = XX0230 F#m = 244222 ©1999 Vineyard Songs (UK / Eire) Words and Music by Vicky Beeching and Steve Mitchinson ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada
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