Vertical Horizon

Goodbye Again(Keyboard chords)

Vertical Horizon

Key: C#m

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C#m  A (2x) 
C#m                         A 
I'm on the outside, looking in what do I see 
 C#m                      A 
So much of this left to begin where would I be 
 C#m                       A 
Out on the outside looking in 
            F#m  Abm   A 
Cover me through this night 
   C#m                                A 
I guess I don't know what's left to say but hear me out 
C#m                         A 
All of the dreams of yesterday keep breaking me down 
C#m                              A 
What's on the outside, can you say 
                F#m Abm  A 
Or am I getting carried away 
E              B               C#m 
It's in your mind it's in your eyes 
So it's goodbye again 
 E             B                C#m 
It's way past time for one last try 
So it's goodbye again 
 (E)  F#m                C#m 
           Who wants you now 
    A   Ab/E     F#m    
Maybe somebody else 
 (E)  F#m           C#m 
           I'll wait around 
         A      Ab/E         F#m  E 
Maybe you'll forget you were ever here 
          A    Ab/E          F#m   B     C#m 
Maybe you'll forget you were ever never here 
*The E chords in parentheses are quick pickups here; 
the F#m are really the first chords of the bridge.  
Also the C#m here are full chords, as shown below:

Written by Matthew Scannell

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