Who Is There Like You(Keyboard chords)


Key: F

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	        Intro: F Gm Bb C (2X) 
F               Gm    F 
Who is there like You 
                    Bb                 		D 
And who else would give their life for me 
      Gm              C Csus C 
Even suffering in my place 
F                 Gm     
And who could repay You 
          Bb               	D 
All of creation looks to You 
             Gm                   C Csus C 
And You provide for all You have made 
F So I'm lifting up my hands Gm Lifting up my voice Am Lifting up Your name Bb Bb/A And in Your grace I rest Gm C For Your love has come to me F C And set me free
F And I'm trusting in Your word Gm Trusting in Your cross Am Trusting in Your blood Bb And all Your faithfulness Gm C For Your power at work in me F Gm Bb C F Gm Bb C Is changing me ********* You found it at E Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada
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