I love your grace(Keyboard chords)


Key: A

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	        A           G                 D 
I love your grace I love Your mercy 
A                  G               D    E 
I love the way You help me when I fall 
A           G                D             Bm 
I love Your truth I love the power of Your name 
        G                D                A 
But You know I love Your presence most of all 
C             G             D                 
My soul takes refuge in the shadow of Your wings 
G               D               A 
Close to You is where I want to be 
C          G                   D              F#m 
You are my strength You are my God You are my King 
      G            D             Esus E 
All I want is what You want from me 
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Submitted By: David Campbell 
Ontario Canada 

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