Cry In My Heart(Keyboard chords)


Key: D

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There's a cry in my heart 
For your glory to fall 
Em                           Asus  A 
For your presence to fill up my senses 
There's a yearning again 
A thirst for discipline 
Em                              Asus  A 
A hunger for things that are deeper 
Bm                  G  
Could you take me beyond 
D                     A 
Could you carrry me through 
Bm                G 
If I opened my heart 
D                     A 
Could I go there with you 
Bm                    G 
For I've been here before 
D                         A 
Yet I know there's still more 
Em                      A 
O Lord, I need to know you 
G For what do I have D If I don't have you Jesus A What in this life Bm Could mean anymore G You are my rock D You are my glory A G Bm You are the lifter of my head And just end it with G A D
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