Dooley(Keyboard chords)


Key: G

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	        G Dooley was a C good old man, he G lived below the D mill. 
G Dooley had two C daughters and a G 40 D gallon G still. 
G One gal wathched the C boiler, the G other watched the D spout, 
 and G mama corked the C bottles when old G Dooley D fetched them G out. 
G Dooley, slippin' up the holler, C Dooley, tryin' to make a dollar, 
G Dooley, gimmee a swaller and I'll D pay you back some{G}day. 
The revenuers came for him, a-slippin' thru the woods, 
Dooley kept behind them all and never lost his goods. 
Dooley was a trader when into town he come, 
Sugar by the bushel and molasses by the ton. 
I remember very well the day old Dooley died, 
the women folk looked sorry and the men stood 'round and cried. 
Now Dooley's on the mountain, he lies there all alone, 
they put a jug beside him and a barrel for a stone. 
Hope you like it.

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