Traavis Jeverson

Incomplete(Keyboard chords)

Traavis Jeverson

Key: C

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	        C             D            Em 
   One more night without you 
C        D            Em 
One more night in my room 
C        D            Em 
Another time, for me and you 
C        D            Em 
Our moment, its true 
E  D     C      G             Em 
  In my place is your company 
D   C          G      Em 
My road is your destiny 
D     C   G       Em 
Waiting, stay with me 
D    C      G    Em 
Your smile' I see 
C    D             Em 
Incompleted, heart broken 
  C  D                Em 
Oh, I cant stop, your cry 
C    D             Em 
Incompleted, in this road 
C  D                 Em 
  I love your distant eyes 
Em             D        C 
   Incompleted heart brocken
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