Tim McGraw

Sing Me Home(Keyboard chords)

Tim McGraw

Key: A

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Intro: A  E (x3)  C#m 
A              E          A          E 
I fell by the wayside, I fell on my knees 
        A       E             C#m 
Crying, why was I so hard to please 
A               E                  A           E 
I stood at the crossroads, took a long look at me 
A              E                                    C#m 
Sometimes you don't know where you're from til you leave 

A E And I've been out there searching A E A For a place where I belong E C#m B And on my way I heard my so---ng A C E Let it sing me home
A E A E Sun on my shoulders and the wind at my back A E C#m Bound and determined to get back on track A E A E To where the heart is, where it's been all along A E C#m Sometimes you don't know what you've got til it's gone, gone gone gone CHORUS Instrumental: A E (x3) D A A E (x3) C#m B CHORUS

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