Tim McGraw

Just To See You Smile (ver. 4)(Keyboard chords)

Tim McGraw

Key: G

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	        Basic chords- G   Em  C  Am  D  
     You always had an eye for things that glitter 
     But I was far from being made of gold 
     I don't know how but I scraped up the money  
      Am                               D 
     I just never could quite tell you no  
    Just like when you were leaving Amarillo  
     To take that new job in Tennesse  
      I quit mine so we could be together  
     Am                                   D  
     I can't forget the way you looked at me  
     G        D       Em               C         Am        D  
     Just to see you smile I'd do any-thing  you wanted me to  
    G           D        Em                       C                        Am 
   When all is said and done I'd never count the cost its worth all thats lost  
    D              G 
    Just to see you smile  
  When you said time was all you really needed  
   I walked away and let you have your space  
   Cause leaving did'nt hurt me near as badly  
   Am                                     D 
   As the tears I saw rolling down your face 
    And yesterday I knew just what you wanted  
   When you came walking up to me with him  
    So I told you that I was happy for your  
     Am                           D 
    And givin the chance I lie again  
                                        repeat chorus     
:)Just To See You Smile - Tim McGraw  
from :[email protected]  
There's a little bass walkdown between each chord in the  verses it  
carrys the song along for me. Also the song was'nt originally played in G 
but it easy and sounds good  
My first chord file , I can't touch the intro, not in this millenium anyway 
Patrick Hurley  
 [email protected] 


Written by Tony Martin/Mark Nesler

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