The White Stripes

I Want to Be the Boy to Warm your Mother's Heart(Keyboard chords)

The White Stripes

Key: D

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	        D                                     C 
I want to be the boy that warms your mother's heart 
        G                    D 
I'm so scared to take you away 
I tried to win her over right from the start 
     G                           D 
But something always got in the way 
We've been sitting in your backyard for hours 
         G                          D 
But she won't even come out and say hi 
While my mother baked a little cake for you 
           G                        F 
And even dreaded when you said goodbye 
What kind of cartwheels do I have to pull? 
                                       D   D4 D  D7 
What kind of joke should I lay on her now? 
F                                   G 
  I'm inclined to go finish high school 
                                   A     A4 A  A7 
Just to make her notice that I'm around 
( D C G ) 2x 
D                            C 
Well nothing I come up with seems to work 
               G                    D 
It feels like everything I say is a lie 
And never have a felt like such a jerk 
       G                    D 
I'm afraid to even open my eyes 
Because I really don't want her to judge me 
           G                    D 
I want to her really know who I am 
And then, and only then she will love me 
         G                   F 
Well at least that was the plan 
If ever a boy needed a holiday 
                                  D   D4 D  D7 
If ever a girl needed someone to hold 
F                                 G 
  I just hope I don't act the same way 
                             A  A4 A  A7 
By the time that I get that old 
( D C G ) 4x 
D                                   C 
  I never said I was the heir to a fortune 
          G                  D 
I never claimed to have any looks 
But these kind of things must be important 
Because somebody ripped out my page 
In your telephone book 
I want to warm her heart
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