The Menzingers

Cold Weather Gear(Keyboard chords)

The Menzingers

Key: C#m
C#m E B x4 

    E                       B 
And I can't wait to be back home on the plane 
   C#m                      A 
To see my poor daughter, to see my poor baby's face 
E                        B 
  I've got the flash man in my sight 
            C#m                        A 
I wonder if he's got a daughter and if he's got a wife 
    E                     B 
And Christmas Eve came as a surprise 
  C#m                      A 
I counted my blessings and prayed to God for my life 
E                          B 
  I lost my best friend to Bastogne today 
         C#m                        A 
I wonder who'll tell his family and who'll tell his wife 


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