The Mavericks

To Be With You(Keyboard chords)

The Mavericks

Key: A

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Intro chords 
G  Em  G  Em  
G             Em 
A shoulder to cry on  
G          Em 
Someone to lean on  
G          Em        Am    D     
Someone to take you away  
G          Em 
Someone to talk to and  
G          Em 
Someone to walk to  
G           Em            Am     D  
I need to remind you some way  
Em B Whenever you need me C Am I?ll make the time G To be with you D To be with you
A night to remember The rain in september I want to share it with you The month by the ocean We swore our devotion Make all our wishes come true Bridge C I want you to know Cm G I never before felt this way Em No other words can say Am I was lost just yesterday D Until I found you Solo Chorus Repeat 2nd verse

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