The Mavericks

Foolish Heart(Keyboard chords)

The Mavericks

Key: D

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	        CHORD CHART (triple eighths) 
CHORUS: 2D 4A 2D 2D7 2G 2A 2D 
VERSE: 2A 2D 2A D D7 G A 2D 2E 2A 
D         (riff 1)          A (riff 2) 
Foolish heart, you made me weep 
        A  (riff 2)         D (riff 1) 
Foolish heart, I'm yours to keep 
           D7 (riff 3)            G (riff 4) 
You're the one, that's still with me 
        A (riff 2)           D (riff 5) 
Foolish heart, don't set me free 
            A (riff 6)             D (riff 7) 
There was a time, when you said to me 
              A (riff 6)    D    D7 (riff 7) 
Don't fall in love, so easily 
                    G (riff 8)     D (riff 9) 
But then she walked in, and right away 
    E                          A (riff 10) 
You never had another thing to say 
(CHORUS) (riff 11 before solo) 
BRIDGE (guitar solo) 
2A 1/2D 1/2G D 
         A                   D 
She went away, and now we're alone 
               A                     D  D7 
I asked her to stay, but she had to go 
               G (riff 8) A                 D 
She's made up her mind,    that I'm just a fool 
    E                                     A (riff 10) 
My love is blind, and it's all because of you 
(CHORUS) (riff 12 before CODA) 
Foolish heart, don't set me free (CODA) 
   /| = eighth rest 
   /  = quarter rest 
  |_| = whole rest  


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