The Mavericks

Dream River(Keyboard chords)

The Mavericks

Key: A

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	        A                        C# 
 Floating  down  a  dream river 
D                                        A 
 with  the  moon  and  stars  above. 
D        Dm                        A      F#m   Bm           E 
 Maybe  they  can  help  me   find  a  way  to  have  your   love. 
A                     C#                D 
Sleeping  in  the  darkest  room,  dreaming  you  are  in  my  arms 
D             Dm        A                 F#m       Bm    E 
Oh,  how  I wish  my  dream  comes  true  with  all  my  heart 
F                                    A 
Don't  want  this  night  to  end 
F                     G              {C}- E7 
Don't   want  to  live  without  you 
last verse same as the first two.

Written by Kostas Lazarides/Raul Malo

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