The Judds

Let me tell you about love(Keyboard chords)

The Judds

Key: B

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	        INTRO B 
Well, ever since the day that time began 
There's been this thing 'tween a woman and a man 
Well, I don't know but I do believe 
It started in the garden with Adam and Eve 
Sampson and Delilah had their fling 
'Til she cut his hair and clipped his wing 
It don't matter how the story's told 
Love stays young, it can't grow old 
E                B 
Let me tell you about love 
E                   B     F# 
About the moon and stars above 
E                         B        E 
It's what we've all been dreamin' of 
B       Bm      F#7sus4 B 
Let me tell you about love 
Well, Bonaparte and Josephine 
I believe they had a pretty good scene 
Until she said, Bony boy, we're through! 
That's when he met his Waterloo 
Julie baby and Romeo 
Fell in love and stole the show 
I know they are history 
But there ain't been nothin' like you and me 
(Repeat Chorus) 
Now Sheba she was a beauty queen 
The purtiest thing that you ever have seen 
Soloman he was a mighty wise 
'Til Sheba she done caught his eye 
The world would be in a dreadful fix 
If it wasn't for the love between the cats and chicks 
This world wouldn't amount to much 
Without a hug and a kiss and a tender touch 
(Repeat Chorus) 
Let me tell you about love 
Let me tell you about love 


Written by Paul Kennerley/Brent Maher/Carl Perkins

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