The Everly Brothers

Oh True Love(Keyboard chords)

The Everly Brothers

Key: G
G                               Em 
Oh oh true love I'm glad that I found you 
C                      G             D7 
True love I needed you so needed you so 
      G                       Em 
Oh oh true love with my arms around you 
    C                         G    C          G 
Our true love will mellow and grow mellow and grow 

Oh oh never I never will leave you 
C                         G               D7 
For ever I'll call you my own call you my own 
      G                          Em 
No oh new love could cause me to leave you 
      C                       G         C           G 
Cause true love I'm your love alone and you're mine alone 

Am                Bm 
Baby you're great baby you're keen 
C              D7                     E7 
Baby all of my friends are just about green with envy 
   A7               Em                  A7                  D7 
If ever there was a love that naturally makes a dream come true 

Baby it's you 

G                            Em 
Yes it's you love for me for ever 
C                              G              D7 
I'm through love with dreamin' alone dreamin' alone 
      G                          Em 
Oh oh true love I know there was never 
  C                         G      D7           G 
A true love as sweet as our own as sweet as our own 

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