The Donnas

40 Boys In 40 Nights(Keyboard chords)

The Donnas

Key: F

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F                                  Bb A Bb  
Spendin every night in a different state 
Spendin every night with a different date 
Bb                                 C 
I come into town and have a look around 
F                                      Bb 
And then I find a guy who wants to get down 
F                        C 
I got boys all over the road 
F                     C  
I got boys helpin me unload 
Forty boys in forty nights 
I got no time to see the sights 
F                                Bb A Bb 
Sometimes I nibble and sometimes I bite 
I kinda sorta wanna get skintite 
Bb                             C 
Have some now save some for later 
F                               Bb 
But there's no cute boys in decater 
F                         Bb A Bb 
Makin out all night in hollywood 
You know I'd do 'em all if I could 
Bb                             C 
My honey in Stuttgart doesn't care 
F                       Bb 
That I collect their underwear 


Written by Brett Anderson/Torry Castellano/Maya Ford/Allison Robertson

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