Ted Daffan

Worried Mind(Keyboard chords)

Ted Daffan

Key: D

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	        WORRIED MIND 
Recorded by Ted Daffan 
Words and music by Ted Daffan and J. Davis 
D You promised me love - that would never G die 
That promise you D made - was only a A lie 
Now D after you've gone - all alone I'll G pine 
For all that I've D got - A is a Worried D Mind 
I gave you a ring - I gave you a home 
You promised me true - that you'd never roam 
I bought you find clothes - and I bought you wine 
But all that you gave - is a Worried Mind. 
And when I was down - you just left me there 
I needed you so - but you didn't care 
You found a new love - and a home so fine 
But all that I've got - is a Worried Mind. 
Note.  One of the best selling records of 1940. 2nd only to Bob Will's  
       million-selling 'San Antonio Rose.' 
Source:  Encylcopedia of Folk, Country and Western Music.

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