All You Got(Keyboard chords)


Key: G

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	        Intro: F  C   F   C    G 
G              D C                    G    D     C 
I heard you say, that no one seems to care about you 
G                D C                       G    D    C 
It?s in your eyes, You think that life?s unfair to you 
                     G    D  C 
Just give it all you got, my friend 
                     G         D       C 
Just give it all you got, it?s not the end 
G D Am Cause you oughta know, there?s a reason for these C Am C changing seasons, God only knows how much your heart G D Am can bear, So dont you let go, cause everybody has C Am C their up and down times, everybody needs to know how G C G much their loved, my friend, so hold on, it?s not the C end.
G D C G D C As I remember, everything you touched would turn to gold G DC G You held the secrets to make your grandest dreams D C unfold C G D C C You were the very best of us all, But the sun that G D C G rises still falls, yeah you oughta know! Chorus Am C G It?s just a love song, cause everybody needs a friend D C Am and I?ll be right here for you, ooh it?s just a simple C G prayer its from the bottom of my heart that he?ll D C never let you go, oh no. Chorus twice F C F It?s just a love song yeah ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

Written by Chad Chapin/Toby McKeehan/Michael Tait

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