Stompin' Tom Connors

Goodbye Rubberhead(Keyboard chords)

Stompin' Tom Connors

Key: C

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C G7 C Goodbye Rubberhead so long boob G7 Go & blow your inner tube I got a brand new sugar cube C so Goodbye Rubberhead so long boob
C G7 I told my baby nice please don't flirt around C And don't give eyes to other guys it makes my poor heart pound G7 And as I told her nice please don't make me dread C She winked her eye at another guy & when they left here's what they said Chorus G7 I phoned my baby twice to say she'd hurt me bad C And asked her when she's free again to make my poor heart glad G7 Oh yes I phoned her twice & as with her I pled C She left me alone on the buzzin' phone with memory of what she'd said Chorus C Well I was feelin' kinda sad around that time and G7 Well I took some good advice & I met me another girl C And just to walk with her one block it sets my heart to whirl G7 And when we met my ex, well did her face get red C She must have burned at the way I turned my nose up in the air & said Chorus

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