Steve Earle

The Seeker(Keyboard chords)

Steve Earle

Key: B

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      A                       D          A 
I was eight years old when my granddaddy died  
        D             A             E            A  
He that showed me the signs I still miss him sometimes  
       A                     D                A 
Been a long time ago but his words still ring true  
    D        A       E      A 
Whatever you do be a seeker  
All these years I have wandered and wherever I roamed  
I was never alone or forsaken I know  
Somewhere way out yonder I know I will find  
That a bright beacon shines for a seeker  
    E                         A 
You can?t always believe your eyes  
          E                               A     E 
It?s your heart that sees through all the lies  
        A                        D              A 
And the first answer follows the first question asked  
    D         A             E       A 
The mystery unmasked by the seeker  
In a world full of sorrow, hunger and pain  
It?s so hard to explain why I?m still travelin?  
But there?s a new day tomorrow and maybe I?ll hold  
Something brighter than gold to a seeker

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