Steve Earle

Nyc(Keyboard chords)

Steve Earle

Key: Bb

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	        2X - (Bb F C F  Bb F C ) 
       Bb              F                  C              F 
He was standing on the highway, somewhere way out in the sticks 
   Bb             F               C 
Guitar across his shoulder like a 30.06 
    Bb               F                    C             F 
He was staring in my headlights, when I come around the bend 
           Bb          F               C 
Climbed up on my shotgun side and told me with a grin 

Bb F C F I?m goin? to New York City Bb F C I?ve never really been there, just like the way it sounds Bb F C F I heard the girls are pretty Bb F C There must be something happening there, it?s just too big a town
He was cold and wet and hungry, but he never did complain Said he?d come a thousand miles through sleet and snow and rain He had a hundred stories about, the places that he?d been He?d hang around a little while and hit the road again Repeat Chorus See, I?ve been to New York City, seems like it was yesterday I was standing like a pilgrim on the great white way The girls were really pretty, but they wouldn?t talk to me I held out about a week, went back to Tennessee So, I thought I better warn him, as he climbed out of my car Grabbed his battered suitcase and shouldered his guitar I knew I was just jealous, if I didn?t wish him well I slipped the kid a twenty, said, Billy ?em hell Repeat Chorus Twice

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