Steve Earle

Its All Up To You(Keyboard chords)

Steve Earle

Key: G

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	        by Steve Earle 
No matter G which way the wind blows 
It's alway cold when you're a C lone 
Ain't no G candle in the window 
You've got to find you're own way C home 
D The rain ain''t gonna hurt you 
It's come to wash away your C blues 
It's all up to G you 
Nobody said it would be easy 
But it don't have to be this hard 
If you're looking for a reason 
Just stand right where you are 
Now there ain't no one out to get you 
They've got to walk in their own shoes 
It's all up to you 
It's all up to C you 
No one else can get you G through 
Right or wrong, win or D lose 
C It's all up to G you 
You can stand out on that highway 
Look as far as you can see 
But when you get to that horizon 
There's always someplace else to be 
But don't you stop to look behind you 
'Cause you've got some travelling left to do 
It's all up to you 
Repeat 1st line of 1st verse 
G-C and out

Written by Steve Earle/Harry Stinson

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