South Side Up

Other Side Of The Hill(Keyboard chords)

South Side Up

Key: E

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	        written by Bo Allen  
Intro is choppy with triable tom beat E,G,A x 2  
VERSES  GO  E,G,A   back to E x 4  
Chorus   from   E  ,to   D, A ,E  
E                           G     A                   E  
I  remember when i was just a boy liven on a farm breakin ground  
times were ruff we never got ahead ,stayed in dept to the man that own the town  
But i remember one hot July standin in the middle of a field  
I said to myself ,boy its time to go...find  a life on the other side of the hill  
(chorus)D,A,,E x3  
D      A                 E       
On the other side of the hill  
where the grass is always greener and the sky ....forever blue  
on the other (break)......... side of the hill  
(verse 2 )  
Well it wasn?t long i made my  move ,i hopped on the next bus out of there  
And it wasn?t easy for this young indian boy with dark brown eyes and long black hair  
And i said to myself just one more time ,Im gonna find me a life on the other side of the hill  
(back to chorus)  
Then lead takes off in G,A,E x 2  
then repeat chorus one time  
after chorus  outro with choppy strummin and triable Tom beat E,G,A  x 2  


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