Sons of the Desert

Everybody's Gotta Grow Up Sometime(Keyboard chords)

Sons of the Desert

Key: D

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D G D A 
D G D A D D 
D                  G            D                  A 
G.I. Joe moved to Mexico, he's hiding from the I.R.S. 
         D                 G 
Wearing diamond rings and living like a king 
      D      A        D  D 
At an undisclosed address 
Superman, he flew to Japan, he gave up fighting crime 
He's doing commercials for compact cars 
Living in a big high-rise 

D G A But everybody's gotta grow up sometime D G A To get a little slice of that big old American pie D G A Yeah, everybody's gotta grow up sometime G A D Why can't I?
D G A The old Lone Ranger bought an R.V. park somewhere in Arizona And Tonto built a big casino And owns half of Oklahoma Barbie and Ken, they got a divorce, I guess that's the way it goes She got the house and accessories And told Ken to hit the road CHORUS D G A G A D D G A G A D G D All of my heroes abandoned their egos C D And left me at home on the range (left me at home on the range) G D I'm still stuck, I'm still down on my luck C A Waiting for something to change CHORUS G A D G A Why can't I? G A D Yeah, why can't I? REPEAT VERSE CHORDS TO END

Written by Chris Lindsey

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