Mike Love Not War(Keyboard chords)


Key: G

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	        Here is another Smudge tab taken from the band themselves (well, Tom). 
Again, I'm 99% sure about this one from watching Tom play it many times. 
I hope people get some use out of it and post other tabs! 
The basic idea for the verse is (like a lot of other Smudge songs)  
to play variations of a particular open chord - this time G major. 
The first two lines of the verses just involve sliding the G major 
chord (4 finger version) up two frets and then up two again. 
I had this one written out properly with lyrics and everything, but I 
lost it - so this one is not so complete, but the chords should be 
right anyway. By the way, the tab for 'Outdoor Type' (probably my fave  
Smudge song) is available on the Lemonheads Guitar Archive on Chris 
Bray's homepage (uark). It's reasonably accurate I think. 
G              A*  
I'm not fit to smell your shit 
But I don't wanna make too much of it 
But I love the girl that you been with 
      G             C 
But I knew she'd realise 
(sorry, I forgot the lyrics if these are dodgy!!) 
D C What if I'm so laid bare, I D C Don't have too much upstairs D I just got back and I never went away
BREAK: (big riff) A Em | F C Cmaj7 | (repeat a few times) then: A Em F C Cmaj7 C F G (then back to verse) ENDING: D C | (repeat around 10 times) Bm E

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