Simply Texas

It's Allright(Keyboard chords)

Simply Texas

Key: D

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	        D                    G 
The outskirts of Bandera 
D                             G 
In the middle of the night 
D                            G 
She had a sneaky feeling 
D                                    G 
That something wasn?t right 
D                                    G 
She walked out of the bedroom 
D                             G 
She jumped into the car 
D                                          G 
She swore that she would find him 
D                       G 
He?s probably at the bar 
Em          A                D 
Something, ain?t right, tonight 
He called her form the office 
He said he?s working late 
He?ll be home in a little while 
Probably ?round 8 
He jumps into his pickup 
Passes the bar down the road 
He meets his senorita 
His wife will never know 
Em          A       D 
It?s alright, he lied, tonight 
She walks in through the doorway 
Walks over to his friends 
Then she starts to worry 
They haven?t heard from him 
His little senorita 
Is nibbling on his ear 
She wants to hit the tavern 
Shoot some pool and drink some beer 
Em                  A           D 
They just might, Bar fight, tonight 
Hand in Hand they?re about to enter 
Just as She starts to walk out 
He stares in sheer amazement 
She slaps him on the mouth 
The little senorita 
Pulls out a razor blade 
But for all of her efforts 
She can?t stop a 38 
A homicide, Justified, tonight 
He?s crying and he?s shaking 
He fears another smack 
He heard the pistol roaring 
Felt shots ring through his back 
She climbed into his pick-up 
Headed towards their home 
Back in bed with her lover 
He never knew that she was gone 
She sighed, It?s alright, tonight 
Em                A              D        A     Em 
Justified  homicide  oh why?d I even try  
G                A           D 
To be   the fool   for you 
G                       A 
I?ve been many things 
D                        E 
I?ve worn many rings 
G               A               D 
Tonight, I?ll Be            Alright

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