Shovels And Rope

Forsaken Blues(Keyboard chords)

Shovels And Rope

Key: G

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	        Intro: G for 1 measure 
Well did you come to here to make an account 
Come here to make renown on my abuses  
  D                                    D7            G 
Will you bare instead the devastated weight of my misuses  
  C                  G        C           Em 
Did you ever load a gun and point it at someone 
   C        G   Em    C 
A bond to never be undone 
              G             D    G 
Well, you're wrong you're wrong now 
Well forgive me my disservice 
If my efforts were in earnest I was lying  
And it was thievery and fornication  
       D7                               G 
That delivered me from inclination satisfying 
  C                   G 
Never did the sun go down  
 C                           Em 
Without another one coming around 
 C       G             Em      C 
Illuminate what could not be found 
  G                  D     G 
You're wrong you're wrong now 
         Em          G         D 
You're wroooooonnnnnng (X 3)  Now  
Well my heart was quick to harden  
When I was kicked out of the garden was I forsaken? 
I was washed with a load of shame 
With only myself to blame was I mistaken  
  C                  G 
Baby, you called my bluff  
  C                Em 
I was never good enough  
       C        G     Em      C 
I was made from lazy weaker stuff,  
              G             D            Em            C 
well you're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong, You're wrong,  
         G               D     G 
 You're wrong,   You're wrong now

Written by Cary Ann Hearst

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